Tuesday, August 14, 2012

catapalooza aug. 17/18 - cuz you can never have enough cats

there's no jack white and the only red hot chili peppers will be belted out at the karaoke after-party by your tipsy friend, but, boy-oh-boy will their be cats!  (and no great wall o' potty)

DCHS's Catapalooza is a weekend of fun and reduced-fee adoptions.  if you're into face-painting, pizza, and cats (who isn't?) you'll dig it.

and since they'll be adopting out cats faster than gabby can steal sandwiches there will be no adoption fair at MadCat west on saturday.
correction: a foster has volunteered to bring some kittens by, so stop by madcat west from 12-3 for some free kitten snuggles!