Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Storm kitten goes home - an adoption tail

good news!  the little kitten who came in from the rain is finally getting her happy ending.  storm was spayed by our pals at friends of ferals and went home to her new family that same day to recuperate in comfort.

why did her story take so long to come to its happy ending?  ringworm - a fungal infection usually brought on by damp conditions (storm=rain) that causes little hair-less lesions on the skin.  treatment is easy but no-fun and can take up to two months.  since ringworm is very contagious it is unfortunately common to see it in rescue situations like this.  (dchs has a whole program devoted to fighting it.)

but alas, all is well now and the little girl will be living the good life with her stella and chewy's freeze-dried food, a happy home, and no rain in sight.

to help other cats and kittens in need please consider donating time, money, or food to a local rescue.  donations given locally stay in the community and help further dane county's goal of achieving no kill.