Thursday, January 24, 2013

senorita spot - FIV-positively stunning

 we are excited to introduce our monroe street store's newest foster-cat-in-residence... senorita spot.  she's a kitler with a heart of gold.

she is the first FIV+ cat to be hosted by madcat via friends of ferals. feline immunodeficiency virus is species-specific and can not be transmitted to humans, dogs, rabbits, etc.

spot is 4 years old and has spent years in foster care due to problems with her teeth resulting in their total removal (no dentals! w00t).  she still enjoys eating both wet and dry food and with no chompers there is very reduced risk of FIV transmission to other cats. in fact spot has lived with other cats while in foster care and would to go to a home with brothers and sisters to play with.

interested?  the adoption fee is $20 and applications are available in-store or online.