Friday, March 29, 2013

natura recall expanded - california natural, evo, innova

natura pet products has expanded its previous voluntary recall of certain lots of dry food after further products tested positive for salmonella. no salmonella-related illnesses have been reported to date. the salmonella-strain has been traced to one of the production machines in natura's facility.  not all product is affected.

madcat has several natura brands affected by this recall, including:
evo, california natural and innova.  we have pulled all recalled product and encourage you to check your bags  for lot codes.  

you will find lot codes located either on the top or bottom of the front of packaging - they will appear underneath the expiration date.  bring your bag(s) into the store and we will read your code for you.

a complete list of pulled product and codes is below (click "read more").

natura's press release contains a link to a pdf file of all affected product.  we found it handy to use the ctrl+F computer function to search for specific products.

note: this is a list of pulled product that we had on our shelves up until 4:30pm today, friday 29th.  please check your codes against natura's master list or bring your bag in and we will check it for you.

cat products listed first.

EVO - Turkey/Chicken - Cat 6.6#

EVO - Turkey/Chicken - Cat 15#

Innova - Adult - Cat 15#

Innova - Reduced Fat - Cat 15#

EVO - Turkey/Chicken - Small Bite - Dog 6.6#

EVO - Red Meat - Small Bite - Dog 6.6#

EVO - Turkey/Chicken - Small Bite - Dog 28.6#

EVO - Turkey/Chicken - Large Bite - Dog 28.6#

EVO - Weight Mgmt. - Dog 28.6#

Innova - Senior Plus - Dog 15#

California Natural - Reduced Fat - Dog 15#

California Natural - Reduced Fat - Dog 30#