Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cats are #1! cats are #1!

"cats really are america's number one companion." true dat! they also outnumber dogs by 10 million. and while we all know how awesome cats are, super-spectacularly awesome, they are still taking a back seat to their canine counterparts. to help spread the word of just how cool kitties can be the CATalyst council recently released their list of top 10 cat-friendly cities. the goal of the rankings was to celebrate major cities who make life better for kitties and their guardians. the results are as follows:
1. tampa, 2. phoenix, 3. san francisco, 4. portland, 5. denver, 6. boston, 7. seattle, 8. san diego, 9. atlanta, 10. minneapolis

of course madison would have taken tops over all of them if they had factored in access to the best cat stuff and cat advice ever, but whatever. we'll just let them have their time in the sun until we quietly take over the world. viva la madcat revolution!

have any other ideas on how to make madison #1 for kitties?

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