Monday, March 30, 2009

miss myrtle

with joey back in foster care, we decided to change it up a bit and get a girlie kitty over at the monroe store. her name is myrtle and she is a fuzzy love-bucket. since she was a stray we don't know much about her history other than that she loves to purr and is very calm and patient. she even likes having her long hair brushed out. if you long to get lost in a pair of captivating green eyes then come on down to the shop or contact happy cat for adoption info.

now, in news of the world....looks like a new cat-related fad
has popped up in japan in the form of cat cafes. we like the idea of being able to enjoy a cup of coffee with a cuddly kitty as long as they are happy and well taken care of. our store cats are greeted and pet by people like this every day who just want to stop in and say 'hi' because cats can make them smile and enjoy their day a bit more. and they never fail to bring the lols.

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