Sunday, April 19, 2009

fall in love with aribel!

good news, everyone, we've had another adoption! jewel (or miss princess, as we call her) has found her forever home. we're sure she'll be happy and will undoubtedly warm many hearts in the years to come. we wish jewel and her new family the best of luck!

and now, more good news!

we'd like to introduce to you a cat with some beautiful and striking features and one of the most pleasant personalities we've seen, miss aribel! she is a young adult, around two to three years old, who would rival any bunny for having the softest fur. playing with peacock feathers, climbing trees and looking into the toilet are some of her favorite activities and she seems more curious than scared around dogs. if you would like to meet aribel just pop on down to the monroe street store, or, go to happy cat's webpage for more info.

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