Monday, April 20, 2009

happy birthday, morty and nikki!

they are the cats who've helped make us who we are today and we'd like to recognize them on this special occasion. morty and nikki are siblings and the children of resident matriarch, lucy, and today is their 7th birthday! to celebrate, they will receive extra catnip and some delicious whole mackerels. yummmmmy! if you're in the west-side area, stop in and wish them a happy birthday.......if they're not sleeping, that is.

in unrelated-yet-interesting news, it turns out that the "leader of the conservative party" is an animal-lover. rush limbaugh is doing PSAs for the humane society of the united states to help end dog-fighting and he even has a cat, named punkin, whom he adores. who knew?

...and on a technological note, the online social networking site, facebook, has assisted in the reunion between a couple and their cat, who was missing for two years! the guardians had moved without updating their microchip information so a shelter employee made a last ditch effort to locate them by looking them up on facebook. pretty cool, eh? so the moral of the story is, keep your contact info up to date!


mortymadcat said...

happy 420, madcatters!

janet said...

Happee Purrday to yeow! Happee Purrday to yeow! Happee Purrday dear kitties! Happee Purrday to yeow!!