Tuesday, April 21, 2009

important puppy mill bill

we know we're madison's cat blog, but we are for all companion animals, be they droolers or not.

the commercial dog breeders licensure bill, LRB-24482, has been proposed by state representative jeff smith and senator pat kreitlow. this bill is an important step to ending puppy mills in wisconsin because it will cause all sellers, breeders and shelters to be licensed and provide humane care and housing for the animals. we urge you to contact your local representatives in the state house and push for their support.

while this is unrelated it is also important. here is some crucial information on GDV, gastric dilation volvulus. Also referred to as bloat, gdv causes a dog's stomach to inflate with gas and then twist, disrupting blood flow and shutting down the organ. if you notice your dog looks like he swallowed a balloon, get to the vet immediately!

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