Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lol cat bibles and baseball cats

after a couple days of heavy posts, I thought i'd lighten the mood with some wacky wednesday stuff.

firt off, if you've ever wanted to drive yourself insane and have a good laugh along the way i'd recommend you try reading the lolcat bible. that's right. the bible. painstakingly translated into lolspeak. now the word of god is ten times more adorable!

"Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem. Da Urfs no had shapez An haded dark face, An Ceiling Cat rode invisible bike over teh waterz" next up, the cat who interrupted a mets game at their new stadium by zooming right by home base. the poor little guy was pretty scared but, boy, could he run fast. maybe he'll be their next draft pick.

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