Tuesday, April 14, 2009

why not a rescue?

back in november we asked why not a cat? now that the president's new dog has been announced to be a pure-bred portuguese water dog we find ourselves asking why not a rescue? after all, he did say he wanted to find a "mutt like me" to call the first pet. well we're not alone in our dissapointment, as rescue groups and opinionated minds across the country are upset that he broke his inital promise of getting a shelter dog. even worse, many are fearing that bo may cause an upswing in the popularity of the breed similar to what happened to dalmations after the live-action 101 damations movies in the 90s. though the obamas are making a substantial donation to the d.c. humane society we think it would set an even bigger example of his new approach to governing by endorsing a no kill shelter. afterall, this is the time of change, right?

in any case, we're happy for the family and their new pet and wish them the best of luck as they speed through the years at 1600 pennsylvania avenue.

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