Tuesday, April 14, 2009

peta's shame

they don't want you to know what they really do, they want you to look at the pretty, naked ladies on billboards and in magazines. they don't want you to ask them why they've killed 20,000 animals in the last decade, they just want you to keep donating so the ad campaigns can continue. well the truth is out and people are getting angry. we want to know why an organization built on the principles of animal rights, and with an annual budget of 32 million dollars, had a 96% kill rate last year. or why a group bent on ending the suffering of farm animals is so quick to kill dogs and cats whose only "suffering" is that they haven't found a home yet.

nathan winograd, the key voice of the no kill movement, is asking these same questions. the only reasonable answer that any of us can come up with is that ingrid newkirk, petas head honcho, is seriously off her wagon. this woman seems more interested in causing controversy through than actually helping individual animals; just look at her will for further example of her misplaced sense of importance.

for real change in the way the world, and we as a country, view animals please check out the no kill movement. real, positive change doesn't need a multi-million dollar ad campaign. it needs something much more important and much more powerful - people.

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