Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lucy and the frame store

another favorite thing about cats is their desire to make daily visits to a particular place, like this cute kitty in kent, who spends his free-time at the local library before returning home for his evening meal.

dottie has the outdoor seating area of the coffee shop next door, gabby has the "urban jungle" of the willy st. park, and lucy has the frame shop. it makes sense that dot chooses to sit with people dropping crumbs of muffin and donuts, and for gabby to play fearsome-hunter in the roughage of the park, but why would lucy pick a frame shop? on any nice day when we are likely to have the doors open and miss lucy has gone missing your almost always guaranteed to find her down at the frame shop - just hanging out and relaxing. maybe it's a natural instinct with cats, to seek out resources in an area away from home? or maybe they just want to get the heck out of dodge every now and then. either way, if it makes them happy it makes us happy.

in other news.....scientists are doing something crazy involving theoretical cat whiskers, shrodinger's cat, quantum sensors and a lot of other things that don't make sense. check this out:

"To create our ‘quantum cat’ we took a star-shaped molecule with one central atom and nine atoms surrounding and applied radio frequency pulses to put it into an entangled state where all ten spins are spinning one way (‘alive’) and the other way (‘dead’) at the same time."

awww, ok.

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