Monday, April 27, 2009

those darn cats!

obviously cats are super smart and awesome, just a couple of reasons why we love them so much. but who knew they were so into thievery?

here we have a british cat burglar who decided to let himself in to the kitchen to retrieve some goodies. using those super-evolved cat senses to jump up and open doors and plastic containers on his own. his new owners are going to need a few security locks on their doors and metal lock box for his food!

then there's the other cat from across the pond who gets some sort of sick kick from stealing peoples' socks! his poor owner is fretting away thinking there's a whole town of sock-less, torch-wielding people looking for the footwear bandit so the paper allowed the cat some anonymity by blacking out his face. how adorable is that!?

last but not least, we have the case of the dog food bandit whose hefty girth got him stuck halfway through the catflap! apparently that "little" guy needs to lay off the dog chow and try stealing a bit of lean meat instead.

our madcat kitties are little thieves as well. usually stealing catnip-stuffed toys and fur mice. every now and then they also get a little wrestless and decide to rip open bags of cat food, too. maybe they don't mean to be little thiefs, but just want to be more self-sufficient. yeah, right!

are your cats thieves? share a few stories in the comments section!


Alex Wollangk said...

One time while my sister was away her cat got into a bowl full of grapes and completely emptied the bowl hiding them around her house like some grape version of an easter egg hunt. She found them under the cushions of the couch, under the rug, floating in the toilet bowl, in all of her shoes and many, many other places as well...

Dottie said...

My own cat, Miles, used sneak doritos from an opened bag on top of the refrigerator. We didn't know he was doing it until we started noticing crumbs on the kitchen floor every morning. A midnight stake-out led to the thief being caught in the act. His days of dorito-pilfering are done.