Thursday, April 30, 2009

swine flu and cat art

with the all the news about swine flu, o,r novel virus h1n1, out there we thought we'd assuage any fears you may have about the furry ones in your household. the good news is that the virus poses no risk to dogs or cats and no extra precautions will be needed to keep them happy and healthy. (though a few extra hugs never hurt anyone!)

in news of the awesome and spectacular, we've discovered a wonderful new site, the museum of non-primate art, or, monpa, for short.

"[monpa] aims to preserve the movements, marks and sounds of non-primate species and consider them, without prejudice, as modes of aesthetic communication, in the hope of gaining new insights into our world."

sounds pretty cool, right? well it gets even better because monpa has a whole section on cat art that includes the history of human-made art depicting cats and on actual pieces that cats have made themselves. who knew our cute, little kittehs were so artistic? i'll bet the polydactyls are total van goghs!

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