Thursday, April 30, 2009

meet foxy!

make room in your hearts for the newest addition to the happy cat crew - miss foxy! she is a beautiful, little 9-month old, medium-haired tri-color calico. since she is still a kitten, her favorite activities include exploring small spaces, climbing to the top of anything and everything, purring and, eventually, sleeping. her only real dislikes are loud noises, so a normal to quiet home would be best for her. if you would like to meet foxy just stop into our monroe st. store or contact the happy cat club of madison for more info.

in other good news, everyone's favorite crazy, little guy, zero, has been adopted! he is now living it up in his new digs and having fun playing with his new siblings, two cats and a dog.

as always, we wish zero and his new guardians the best of luck in their new life together.

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