Sunday, May 3, 2009

spring fever

it's sunny, seventy degrees, the doors are open and the cats are going wild. spring fever seems to be hitting our favorite felines with extra gusto this year. morty's out trying to hitch rides in the parking lot, dottie's doing hot laps around the store and gabby is catching the rays on her favorite tree.

in honor of springtime and all the cool kitties out there, here's an old tom & jerry cartoon celebrating the brief and beautiful season with a bit of slapstick.

now, for those pets that are really feeling the pull of the seasonal change, there's a new airline that caters just to them. pet airways provides in-cabin transportation for dogs and cats, getting them out of the hold and treating them like passengers rather than cargo. one-way tickets to new york or los angeles are going for the low, low rate of $149. the good news is there are no direct flights to cancun, yet, thus avoiding any inappropriate and regretful "cats gone wild" dvds.

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