Monday, May 4, 2009

more fur, more fun!

cats are like jell-o, pudding and everything else that is good in the world - there's always room for more. myth and disinformation has abounded for years telling us that cats are solitary creatures and prefer to be alone. well if that was the case then we would definitely have a problem on our hands with morty, nikki and lucy all sharing the west-side store. the truth is that many cats actually prefer feline companionship for playing, grooming and napping buddies. of course this won't be true for all cats, but it is definitely something to consider if you are thinking of adopting a new kitty. the best part of having more than one cat is that they tend to run a lot more and tire each other out - if you have a busy family, two might be just right for you.

fun fact! a group of two or more cats who live and socialize together is called a clowder.

of course what comes with two kitties is twice the hair, but with the right grooming tools and a lot of patience you can have the shedding under control. here's a great article with taps on how to get rid of and avoid matting in longer-haired cats. remember, lots of treats and cuddles help to make even the most bothersome of activities more fun for both you and your kitty.

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