Thursday, May 7, 2009

for the love of a kitteh

don't you just hate it when you bring home a new family member of the furry persuasion and it either ends up gravitating towards everyone but you or stick to you like glue and disses your mate? it happens frequently, as dogs and cats figure out who the main distributor of resources is and hone in on them. this article has some good tips on how to forge a bond with a pet who may prefer one family member over another. what's the ultimate key to a pet's heart? food. and lots of it!

in cute inter-species relationship news, the top prize in pledge's "show off your shedder" contest has gone to an adorable pair, an orange tabby and a german shepherd. the two are best friends and their cuddling cuteness just scored their lucky guardian $5,000 smackeroons. we hope buster and ace each get a cut of that, and extra kisses.

now, for a little cat-related humor. here's a borderline-risque joke from the denver nightlife examiner's bar joke section. we sure hope it doesn't offend any delicate sensibilities. but then again, if you have delicate sensibilities this might not be the place for you!

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