Wednesday, May 6, 2009

meet pepper!

we're on roll! another adoption means another kitty to introduce! today we are featuring mr. pepper, he's not a doctor pepper yet, but has expressed interest in vet school. this guy's story is pretty sad: he is ten years old and was given up by his family because they were moving. pepper was surrendered with another cat, his best buddy, who upon examination was found to have advanced lung cancer and didn't make it. now pepper is lonesome and is looking for a family and new kitty friend to help fill up his days with love. he is a very affectionate and sweet guy who just wants to be with people. if you have a little extra room in your heart please consider adopting pepper; he just wants to go home.

for more information on adoption please contact the happy cat club of madison or pop on down to the monroe st. store to give a him a cuddle.

now, with some happy news, here's nolio with his new guardian and best friend. this was one lucky cat who barely spent even a full day with us before he found his forever home. if only it was that easy for all kitties. good luck, nolio!

"the smallest feline is a masterpiece."
-- leonardo da vinci

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