Monday, May 25, 2009

keyboard cat and rubbinzes

if you haven't heard about the play him off, keyboard cat then this might seem a little strange. the phenomenon taking the interwebz by storm is the old vaudevillian concept of a piano man playing an act off the stage. in this modern set-up, a funny or odd youtube video is followed by a seemingly non sequitur keyboard-playing cat. why is it funny? who knows! our theory is that anything with a cat in it is automatically great.

in more interwebz-related cat news, a cat named sockington has reached an impressive 500,000 followers on the normal kitteh, via his guardian, tweets about his daily goings on from litter box trips to naps and everything in between. who knew a simple house cat could achieve fame and the admiration of hundreds of thousands of followers?

now for a bit of behavioral business. why do cats rub on things?

"by engaging in different types of rubbing, cats mark their territory and establish group scents, which are an important factor in maintaining group identity in multi-cat households. when cats rub up against one another, the activity is called allorubbing."

a round of rubbinzes for everyone!

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