Tuesday, May 26, 2009

travelin' tails

since memorial day weekend just kicked off the summer travel season how about a little travelin' cat talk? if anyone has ever gone even around the block with a cat you know it can be a difficult adventure. sure some cats are great in cars, but then there are the constant criers, the PO'd poopers and not, but certainly not least, the exorcist pukers. no matter what the behavior, these are some great methods that can help take the mess and the stress out of car travel with kitty cats whether you're just going down the street or across the country.

in other cat travelin' news a house-cat named skylar decided to take a little trip last week and ended up 60ft. up a tree. the scared kitty was trapped in the branches of the arboreal fortress for six days before a kind soul climbed up and lowerd the kitty down safely enclosed in a bag. after being returned to his owner and having a nice meal skylar was back at the door pawing to go out again. oh those tenacious felines...

now if all this travel talk has given you a bit of cabin fever just go to this site for a quick journey around the world with 2 cats. they'll take you to paris and back again before your next coffee break!

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