Wednesday, July 15, 2009

dottie iz serious cat. this is serious bizness.

follow up to the kind-hearted cat-napper story from monday - the good news, almost all of those cats have been adopted. the bad news - "since wednesday, at least 25 more cats have been brought to the shelter, Nagy said. and today more will be euthanized." sad. looks like that shelter needs a crash course on no kill and to have more faith in their community.

the first-ever all-pet airline had its first flight this week. hope no one needed a bark bag!

caged, filthy dogs and organic milk - an unlikely pairing. interesting article on how puppy mills are intertwined with other industries.

"you have a great organization. we owe you a great deal of gratitude."
what every local t-n-r group wants to hear from the city who had wanted to kill its feral cat population.

but if we hide the litter box how will we know when our furry deities have left us a magical gift?

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