Tuesday, July 14, 2009

historic dog fighting bust

as we first reported last week, there was a huge dog fighting bust that resulted in the seizure of 400 dogs. this was not one large fighting ring, but multiple operations across 7 states. the size of the bust makes it the largest known raid on the torture sport in u.s. history.

good news, "rescuers are 'seeing a lot of tail wags.'"

26 people have been charged. "under the law, each of the counts could result in a maximum of five years imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000."

united animal nations - one of the awesome groups who were involved with the raid. these guys are great!

hsus' dog-fighting fact sheet.

pit bull terrier breed history - remember petey from lil' rascals?

wisconsin independent pit bull rescue - save a life, help to end the stereotypes, and make a new best friend.

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