Monday, July 13, 2009

pepper and the cat charmer - he's doing it wrong

paws for thought: a man is facing two felony charges for saving 3 dozen cats from death at a county shelter. what do you think? should the charges be dropped?

a new study confirms what we've suspected all along - cats do control us....but we like it.

once again, san francisco proves itself to be a cat-loving city with a new proposal to ban de-clawing.

"it's nothing new for the eight-year old standard who's also been turned into a dragon, a Ninja Turtle and a peacock by her owner sandy hartness." say what?

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Andy said...

If I were on the jury for this case, I know that his motivation (saving the lives of so many cats) would play heavily into my deliberations.

Especially if McIrvin is in the process of compensating the shelter for the damage done to the facility (which seems to be the case). I can see no reason to throw the book at this guy.

If the glove don't fit, you must acquit!