Monday, July 27, 2009

leesha can haz hom now?

happy cats, leesha and mr. d,j., are still hanging out, looking for new homes. what are you waiting for?

update: d.j. has just been adopted! good luck in your new life, buddy!

ghost update! if you missed the news friday night don't worry, the piece is up on channel 3000's website. we spoke with happy cat today, where ghost is in foster care, and it sounds like he's doing much better. his initial checkup put him at near 7 weeks old, dehydrated and under-nourished. it appears he had been surviving off of bird seeds and whatever water he could get from rain. today, he's running around like any kitten would: playing and jumping and without a care in the world. it will be a few weeks more until he reaches two pounds and can be neutered and after that he'll be up for adoption. stay tuned for more updates on the famous little guy!

any time you surrender a cat to a kill shelter there is no guarantee it will be adopted. likewise, adding a pet to your family means you are responsible for its health. sad story all around.

now, time for a joke - "the story of adam and eve's pets"

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