Friday, July 24, 2009

surprise! it's a ghost!

here's a no kill story that involves community, rescue, and a couple thousand miles.

while we don't normally do this (we're not a shelter), we took in a teeny tiny white kitten this morning who had been living inside the engine block of car for a week - a car that just happened to be traveling 1,400 miles.   apparently the little guy had crawled up into the car at a grocery store and was finally discovered this morning when the car was brought in for an oil change.  a good samaritan then brought him to us and we named the little guy 'ghost' because he was so tiny and white - a real ghost of a cat.  after a hearty breakfast of turkey and liver (yummmm!) he warmed right up to us and spent a good amount of time riding shoulders and receiving lots of love. the good folks at happy cat have stepped up to foster him until he is big enough for adoption. look for a story on ghost to air tonight on channel 3000 news and check back here for updates on the little guy.   

also in happy cat news, we have a new kitty up for adoption at our mineral point road store. his name is d.j. and he's a gorgeous orange and white tabby with the loving personality that comes with his looks. if you want to come in and meet him prepare for a few kisses 'cause this guy likes to lick fingers rub noses. for adoption info, please contact the cool people over at happy cat.

have a good weekend, everyone!

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