Thursday, August 27, 2009

nikki pre-partied a little too hard

if you're into food, rockin' music and toasting the winners of the isthmus' "madison's favorites" poll then come on down to the king street block party this saturday evening. we'll be there so don't be square!

"It was his home, and he'd stroll down the bar as if he owned the place, stopping now and then to lap a patron's drink. He napped in drum kits before shows and zipped through pulsating crowds during performances, unfazed by headbanging volume." - a chicago bar mourns the loss of their beloved pub kittty.

decoding the secrets of human genetics by way of dog hair. yes, that stuff that clings to your pants and couches is also the stuff that dreams are made of.

the dane county humane society is in the news again, this time it's for the alleged mis-treatment of seized chickens from a local fighting ring.

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