Tuesday, September 29, 2009

indoor/outdoor - the debate goes on

we are happy to see trap-neuter-return back in the pages of national news site msnbc. the first step to achieving no kill status is public awareness of other alternatives to the traditional shelter approach.

but don't get too excited because a new york times piece on the old cats-vs-birds debate has this to say, "in the view of many wildlife researchers, a pet cat on a lap may be a piece of self-cleaning perfection, but a pet cat on the loose is like a snakefish or English ivy: an invasive species."

the sicko, who duct-taped a stray cat for no real reason, has been arrested and could face up to two years in jail. maybe he'll get to try on a duct-tape jumpsuit.

superior court judge sets new precedent in three-year dog-custody battle. remember, folks, sharing is caring.

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