Monday, September 28, 2009

a new, inkier face for animal rescue

the national geographic channel has a new show called rescue ink. the hook is that the rescuers are big, bad, harley-riding, tattoo-sporting dudes who also happen to kick butt for animals in need. sounds like something worth checking out.

"democracy is not always so cut and dried. sunbeams are going to happen. vacuum cleaners are going to happen. those little springy wires with a piece of cardboard at the end are going to happen. It's simply the way the system works." the onion strikes again with a story on the proceedings of cat congress.

the best part of wakin' up is cat-poo in your cup. wait. what? that's right. cat-poo coffee now only $20 a cup!

happy cat spotlight: cab (calloway) is a beautiful, adult male kitty with big orange eyes and a rabbit-fur-soft coat. stop into madcat on monroe street to meet him or contact happy cat for more info.

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