Tuesday, October 20, 2009

gabby - raider of the lost punkin

candy - the best part of halloween also happens to be the biggest threat to our pets in the holiday season. chocolate, particularly the dark kind, and xylitol-sweetened candies are the most dangerous. keep an eye on your stash or gabby will find it!

what's with british cats and mass transit? now there's a cat who takes a daily train ride down to a marine-life sanctuary where he passes time with penguins. how wonderfully odd!

remember the 71-year old man who was facing criminal charges for freeing a cat from a raccoon trap on his neighbor's property? well, lucky for him, and the cat, the charges have been dropped.

if you happen to have a lot of cardboard laying around you could follow these instructions from evil mad scientist to make your kitty it's very own cardboard chaise lounge. but don't worry if you're not the handy type because we've got you covered with this awesome cardboard chase lounge. get it? chase!

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