Monday, October 19, 2009

poly poly oxen free!

we've all heard of polydactyl cats, the cool kids with extra fingers on their mittens, but this guy is more like super-polydactyl with 24 combined toes! he'd probably make an excellent catcher in baseball.

own a cat, don't get deported. "an immigrant facing deportation from Britain cited ownership of a pet cat with his girlfriend as part of his legal battle to stay in the country."

the crazy cat lady board game
. but, if they're true crazy cat ladies they would only have cats to play with!

will ferrel's comedy blog,, is hosting a new web series called "the pearl and I" about a divorced man re-entering the dating world with a little help from his cat, pearl. word on the street is that it's pretty funny and pearl is charming as all get out.

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