Saturday, May 15, 2010

blammo! pow! purr!

cats and lit have always gone together - being quiet fans of warm laps and desk lamps, they are suited to a writer's life.  but how bout those fearsome felines of the literary sidecar - comic books?  even if you're not big on the format, this little intro to the softer side of caped crusaders may just make a fangirl (or boy) out of you yet.

cats are ubiquitous in the land of the supers and it makes sense - they are extreme baddies.  canines are cool, but can you imagine Dogman?  sorry - not badass enough.

so who are these felis catus extraordinaires?  take the jump and find out....

catwoman.  arguably insane; working both sides of the law, wearing all that leather.  but when it comes to kicking butt, she knows how to get the job done.  then there's marvel's knock-off, black cat.  another lady who acts like a cat to rob and steal but eventually ends up at the hero's table.  things get a little (ok a lot) less badass when we consider catman and kitten from the 1940's.  i mean who is intimidated by kittens?  that's like being afraid of donuts.

the newer generations of supers are less cat-specific but still embrace humans with animal abilities conquering foes.  animal man is so cool that he can take on the powers of any animal, from this guy to whatever this is.  Bonus! he's a champion for animal-rights and vegetarianism - can't be much more animal-friendly than that.

how about comics as art?  check out this awesome piece of catwoman art that was auctioned off to help a kitty rescue group.  comics saving kittehs!

interested yet?

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