Friday, May 14, 2010

prozyme at MadCat - good for your gut

Prozyme is now available at MadCat.  apologies for the delay.  what is it and why should i care?  if you know, skip the rest.  everyone else, keep reading...

there are basically only three supplements i recommend any pet owner that feeds a non-raw diet consider using:  fish oil, probiotics, and enzymes.  most everything else can come out of a bag or a can - but these things don't process well, hence the need to supplement.  (more after jump)

Prozyme is probably the most widely recommended and broadly trusted pure enzyme supplement available.  i do not know of one that vets recommend more (many vets sell it).  its a go-to for puking problems.

basically the body has to make enzymes on a regular basis to digest food and absorb nutrients.  sometimes enzymes can be obtained through eating fresh whole foods, but even those has a limited life (body does not "store" them).  processed foods have little to no enzyme value due to heat-processing, etc.

older and less healthy animals often don't manufacture enough enzymes to digest their food properly and without supplementation, they can whither (despite top-quality diets).  but in reality, its just good preventative medicine.  getting more nutrient absorption out of what you eat is a big bag of win.

well now you know.  and we got some here if you need that sort of thing.

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