Thursday, May 13, 2010

we won, baby! (geese get reprieve)

so remember those geese we were all worried about?  parks voted unanimously voted to pause the decision to kill the geese in order to develop a real plan to deal with the problem.

in other words, that goose-kill ain't gonna happen.  (jump, jump...)

over 100 Madisonians overwhelmed the meeting to vehemently oppose the plan to kill the geese next month. those who endured did not get to speak until nearly eleven (started at 6:30).  amid intermittent thunder and plane engines, it became clear that the airport didn't have the hard facts that the people, alders and committee desperately needed in considering this decision.

commissioner emanuel scarbrough: "we need more information to make a real, informed decision about what happens." amen, brother.  a few minutes after midnight, the committee unanimously voted to give the geese a second chance... (good night!) - story goodness by Meagan

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