Wednesday, May 12, 2010

goose-steppin' w/the Parks dept. - round 2

time is running out for 100 geese in warner park issued a death warrant by parks last month. every media outlet and mouthpiece in madison has weighed in on the issue, including mayor dave.

the next parks meeting is today, its open to the public, and it may be the last shot these geese have at a stay of execution.  it looks like the facebookers have noticed and are planning some attendance... (jump) is clear that the airport hoped to slip this through with the help of a hired PR flak and a hyper-condensed timeline. a proposal in april for a kill in june - who does that?

let's hope tonight we find it in our city to spare these geese a needless slaughter.  there must be a way to satisfy the FAA and not act like barbarians at the same time.  there just has to.  we'll see you there!

(photo goodness from Meagan)

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