Tuesday, May 11, 2010

don't mess with Maggie

ok, so frostbitten kitty gets rescued by kindhearted library employee.  the library staff take her in, name her Maggie, and let her spend the next 15 years as the only permanent resident of the Salem Community Library.  that part makes sense.  we like that part

fast-forward to today - err, yesterday perhaps.  very recently anyhow - Sharon Bower (library board member) decided she couldn't leave good enough alone - “I feel very strongly about this.  As a taxpayer, I don’t want to pay for a cat. I have nothing against animals. They just don’t belong living in the library.”

"HUH??"  (jump, jump...)

well, according to the comments posted on the Kenosha News website, folks aren't so sure Bower belongs at the library either.  but it looks like Maggie will be staying for a while (rest of her life).  i would have spent so much more time in libraries as a kid if they had cats in them.

so what's with the burning car?  yeah, that was just a random minivan that burst into flames yesterday in our Monroe St. parking lot (hat-tip to Mike at VA's for the photo goodness).  things like that just happen there.  it is highly unlikely that Maggie's Bower-rage could have extended this far.

Sometimes I have a nickel,
And sometimes I have a dime,
Sometimes I have ten dollars,
Just to pay for little Maggie's wine.

(note - last pic is actually Maggie)


Sapphires said...

Sharon needs to lighten up and shut up. If she's that worried about the minor cost of the cat, then I'm sure the library employees would gladly chip in and donate to defray her HUGE tax burden.

**rolls eyes to go with snarky comment**

I'd even send in $20 to show her what a jerk she's being.

meagan - said...

Maggie has lived there for 15 years... and paying for her has all of a sudden become a problem now? Jiggawha?

Love the pic of Sharon Bower!