Monday, May 10, 2010

an oily, hairy mess

unless you've been hiding under a large rock, you have heard about the gulf coast oil spill. now they're saying that hair stuffed in pantyhose can be used to absorb the oil.  sounds crazy, but apparently they are getting almost half-a-million pounds of hair each day.

slacktivism?  send us your (and Fluffy's) hair and that pesky oil slick problem will be solved.  perhaps, but Peter Lane, president of Applied Fabric Technologies, the second largest oil boom manufacturer in the world, told the AFP that people could go ahead and send their hair, pets' fur and tights to Matter of Trust, safe in the knowledge that the organic-based booms and mats do work.

sounds great, right? unfortunately, no one can tell us what happens with the oil-soaked, hair-filled pantyhose once they're done with it.

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