Saturday, May 22, 2010

bobbi adds bobcats to brood

making the "awww" rounds right now is the  story of a mama cat who adopted three bobcat babies, the incredible part - they were orphaned when an alabama hunter decided they'd make great pets for his kids.

i was outraged that none of the news stories mention what happened to the guy - who apparently walked into a vet's office with "a gun in one hand and a sack of bobcat kittens in the other" - but apparently he's home free, cuz it's perfectly legal.

not only do they have open season on bobcats in alabama (wisconsin too and a ton of other states), there's nothing in alabama state law that prohibits people from keeping them as pets.

so doesn't that technically make the people who took the cats from him thieves? the vet tech and the big cat rescue people have no intention whatsoever of giving back those cats. that's why it was so important for them to be placed with a cat-mom before their eyes opened - they are raising them to eventually be released back into the wild.

let's be clear, i don't agree with this guy shooting bobcats or keeping them as pets. but it was well within the confines of the law for him to do so. so who's to say that those doing the rescuing were in the right?

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