Friday, May 21, 2010

these boots were made for walkin'

as a cynical cinephile i don't like a lot of movies, especially those like shrek.  i prefer mike myers' earlier work.  but i'm still excited to see the new movie this weekend.  why?  because puss in boots is one of the best fictional representations of a cat.  ever.  he's hilarious, handsome (for a cat), he sings, uses his big, adorable eyes to manipulate the pants off people and he's a sword-brandishing badass to boot (pun intended)! if my cats had fictional heroes puss would be like their bruce lee or arnold.

movie cats are so often being portrayed as evil that it's nice to see one on the big screen that everyone can love.  though judging by the  preview, looks like puss the badass is going to become puss the

watch the trailer after the jump and just try not to adore him.

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