Thursday, May 20, 2010

turn your awwws into lols

i love the cheezburger site. even more fun - making your own, like my lol of my own monsters over there. there's a bunch of super easy ways to turn pics of your own kittehs (or dogs) into lols.

the simplest way to make one is to use cheezburger's lolbuilder. you don't have to register for an account to upload your picture and create your own lol using their tools. the basic builder is good for putting lols together in a snap, but the "advanced" builder is more flexible. mine was made with the advanced builder.

to get even more creative....

use "paint" on your pc or "paintbrush" on your mac to write anywhere on pics. don't forget the signature white text and handy lolspeak dictionary.

use picnik to get already created stamps, borders, and fun effects. you have to register for an account, but a lot of their cool photo editing stuff is free. i used it to make a birthday card for morty and nikki, and to create this whacked out picture of dot.

have fun! and send us your awesome creations!

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